Our Mission

Three people are pictured. A white man with a khaki colored cap, glasses, blue t-shirt and khaki pants is seated in a mobility scooter. One hand holds a microphone has he speaks. The other is gesturing out towards the audience. Tattoos are visible on both arms. The woman in the center has dark hair pulled into a pony tail. she has on a grey t-shirt with an image printed on it. She is holding a plaque while she looks at the man speaking. The woman to the right has long blonde hair, white skin, and glasses. She is smiling as she looks at the man speaking. She is wearing a grey top with an opened red jacket. she is seated.


The purpose of the Kansas Disability Caucus, Inc. is to plan, organize and coordinate activities that promote independent living through collaboration, networking, education, planning, and peer-to-peer interaction.

The Kansas Disability Caucus works to provide opportunities for Kansans with disabilities to learn, share, and provide solutions to issues faced by the disability community. The Caucus also works to develop new disability leadership in Kansas, educate Kansans with disabilities about the process of policy making and encourage their participation in it, and determine major issues facing Kansans with disabilities and possible solutions for these issues.

Who we are