An overhead photo of a large conference room. There are 14 round tables spread out in the room with 8 red upholstered chairs around each . Each table has at most 8 people. Some chairs are empty. Each table appears to have white dishes with food and drink in them, red napkins, and a black table cloth

Welcome to the Kansas Disability Caucus, Inc.

Upcoming Caucus

Get ready for our upcoming Caucus to be held August 10-12, 2022 in Topeka! Join with us as “Together We Rise, United in Action!”



Background: muted beige
Foreground: A woman with white skin, shoulder length dark blonde hair with a side part and wearing a dark top. She is looking to the right of the image holding a microphone. She smiles or laughs as she speaks.

Take a look at past and upcoming Caucuses, and other opportunities that we provide. Don’t forget to Save The Date!


Blurred background.
Foreground: Two people face each other in what appears to be a conversation. The person on the left has white skin, short blond hair. They are wearing a blue tee shirt and narrow sunglasses. They are smiling or laughing. The person on the right faces the left but their head is turned away from the camera. They wear a red polo shirt and have dark hair with some grey.

Part of our mission is to provide information about resources available in our community both nationally and locally.


Five people sit in a row at what appears to be an event.
Two women in the foreground sit next to each other, but are looking at each other smiling. Woman 1 has short blond hair, a floral top, white skin and glasses. Woman 2 has short light hair, maybe grey, whit skin, glasses and a light top.
The third person in the row faces front. She has light hair pulled into a pony tail with bangs, white skin, and glasses. She is wearing what appears to be a red tank top. Her visible right harm has a tattoo and she wears a watch. 
The fourth person in the row is behind the third. They are not visible except for light blonde hair.
The last person appears to be a man with white skin, grey hair and a grey goatee. He wears glasses and is smiling.

The Kansas Disability Caucus Board of Directors would like to encourage everyone to please support and recognize all of our sponsors and contributors.

About Us

The Kansas Disability Caucus works to provide opportunities for Kansans with disabilities to learn, share, and provide solutions to issues faced by the disability community.